July 6, 2009

Dearest Warriors,

It’s my bad! A million apologies for missing in action for so many months!
As many of you know, I’ve been busy with my school exams and graduation ceremony which is on the coming Wed! Nonetheles, I still wish to ask for your forgiveness in delaying updating this blog.
I know you’ve been waiting for the new redemption list to be drawn up so here you are.
This post is for you to comment and contribute ideas of items you’ve been dying to get your hands on!

One more piece of good news!
I’ve decided to redeem myself by extending the June discounts stated in the June Newsfeed to July so that you can ask for new items in the next redemption list.
A recap:
20% off redemptions for May, June and July babies!
5% for academy ninjas
10% for Genins! This include newly-promoted Genins if we have any in July!

Please comment furiously on what you wish to see in the redemption list!
Deadline for the collation of ‘dream items’: 10th July

I’ll be back with more pictures from the Botanical gardens trip and Young Scientists’ Day 2009 pictures! 🙂BG TRIP 09


Blog Alert!

March 5, 2009

Here is the deal, Warriors
Tell me what is the difference between a homophone and a homonym.
Examples of both will be welcomed!
Be the first to list them down in the comments and win a $10 Popular voucher!

PS: The February ranking table will be out soon!
Check this space.

Monster craze!

February 27, 2009

Hurry Warriors!

Today and tomorrow are the last days for you to redeem your monster cards!
After 28th Feb, the cards will be invalid from 1st March 2009.

We are also going to start a blog alert!
Every time you see a BLOG ALERT as the title of the post, be sure to read the content and do the required procedures to win something!
It’s opened to non-warriors as well so get your friends to join in the fun too! 🙂

Monster Winner!

February 22, 2009

Hi Warriors,

Just dropping by to do a formal announcement on who the winner of the Monster Cards Deals is!

Let’s congratulate Yuen Zhi for being the first to collect all 4 monster cards!
He will receive 40 Warrior points instantly and it will be credited into your account!

As for the other warriors, don’t be disappointed as you still have slightly less than a fortnight to collect as many Monsters as possible to earn 10 WP per monster!

Have fun!! 🙂

Jillian’s book review

February 14, 2009

Name: Jillian Koh, Primary 4
Title: Judy Moody gets famous!
Author: Megan Mcdonald
Publisher: Walker Books

Judy gets jealous when she saw Jessica’s picture on the newspaper. Judy’s friends had all appeared in the newspapers except her.
Judy’s family had a garage sale. Judy tried to make a cherry pit look old as if it was from George Washinton’s cherry tree. Then a
boy came and swallowed her cherry pit thinking that it was M n Ms. Judy saw on the papers that there was a famous pet contest.
Judy quickly took her pet cat named Mouse ,with her to the Fur and Fangs petstore to register for the pet contest. Judy’s cat won
second prize for the pet contest. Instead of Judy, only a picture of her elbow was taken. Judy was playing with her friends when she
accidentally stepped on one of her friends fingers. Judy brought her friend to the docter. While the docter was checking him,
Judy and her little brother, Stink, went into the playroom. They met a girl called , Laura. Laura got a heart transplant. Laura was
very bored with the dolls there because they were all broken. Judy secretly took all the dolls and fixed them. She then delivered
the fixed dolls back to the hospital. The hospital staff were very happy with the newly fixed dolls and so was Laura. Judy was happy
that she could help.

Judy delivered the dolls to the hospital. The hospital did not know who sent the dolls. So, they called Judy , the Phantom Doll
Docter. Judy was mentioned in the papers as the Phantom Doll Docter. Nobody knew that Phantom Doll Doctor was Judy.
Judy was happy that she could help Laura.

My Preferred Ending:
Judy sent the package of fixed dolls with her name on it. The next day , reporters crowded around her house. They were all happy
that Judy helped Laura. Judy was mentioned on television and in the papers. Soon Judy became the Famous Phantom
Doll Doctor, and also became rich. When that happened, Jessica’s jaw dropped and fainted.

Comments: An interesting book review with clarity, keep up the good job!

Redemption Period and January Rank

February 3, 2009

Dear Warriors,

How’s your New Year?
I hope you’ve a good time collecting red packets and eating goodies.
The January Ranking is out and guess who’s on the top of the list?!
It’s Sean making his debut position at the top!
Congratulations to Ebell as well for making the top position again.
Here is our top four Academy Ninjas!

1st: Sean and Ebell (71 WP)
2nd: Cylene (70 WP)
3rd: Yuen Zhi (57 WP)

In case some of you out there are still lost about the ranking system.
Our ranking system (as requested by majority) for 2009 is as follows:

Academy Ninja: below 200 WP
Genin: 200-399 WP
Chunin: 400-599 WP
Jonin: 600-799 WP
Ansatsu Butai: 800-999 WP
Kage (a country of your choice): abobe 1000 WP

I will also like to share with you the 2008 Final rankings.
1) Legatus Ebell (839 WP)
2) Centurion Rachel (751 WP)
3) Centurion Shuangyu (740 WP)
4) Optio Gerry (626 WP)
5) Optio Cylene (585 WP)
6) Optio Shuanghui (431 WP)
7) Optio Shannon (420 WP)
8) Decanus Yuen Zhi (354 WP)
9) Decanus Yuen Zheng (229 WP)
10) Decanus Yu Qing (226 WP)
11) Legionary Jillian (185 WP)
12) Legionary Jiji (131 WP)
13) Legionary Sean (104 WP)
14) Legionary Vera (91 WP)
15) Legionary Jerome (55 WP)

Now, I know it seems like a never-ending announcement, but I’ve so much to share with you today!
What I’m most excited about is that the window period to make redemption is officially opened!
Do note that there will be a window period every month to make your redemption, to ease the inconvenience of miscounting anyone’s redemption.
This redemption period starts from today (3rd Feb) to the coming Sunday (8th Feb) so please make a comment under this post (not the previous post!) if you will like to redeem anything given in our redemption list.

For easy reference, I will wind up this post with your current available Warrior Points!
Have a good week ahead! 🙂

Sean (84)
Ebell (112)
Cylene (249)
Yuen Zhi (138)
Shuanghui (213)
Shuangyu (54)

Yuen Zheng (139)
Jillian (106)
Jerome (29)
Vera (103)
Ji Ji (9)
Xiao Qing (139)

PS: Warriors in bold get to enjoy 20% off any redemption in February as a birthday treat!

Happy Chinese New Year!

January 25, 2009

Dear Warriors,

I’ve a good news to share with you!
To celebrate this Chinese New Year, I will be giving out red packets to all of you even though I’m not married. Laughs.
The catch is to say a 4 characters auspicious phrase such as “gong xi fa cai” and you will get a red packet from me! 🙂
Note that each person can only get the red packet once.
In the meantime,
enjoy your holidays!

Happy Birthday January Babies!

January 24, 2009

I will like to wish the following January Warriors a

Jerome (16th)
Shuangyu (24th)
Shuanghui (24th)

To make your birthdays special this year,
you will get to have 20% off any one redemption during your Birthday month (Jan Warriors with the exception of enjoying this privilege in Feb!)

Enjoy your Special Day! 🙂

#1 redemption list is up!

January 21, 2009

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend!
Thank you for all your ‘wish list’ comments!
For those of you who did not comment, I’m afraid that you will have to wait till the next call for #2 redemption list to enlist your ‘wishes’!

I shall not keep you waiting so drums roll…
Here are the items for #1 redemption list:

1) 2009 Schedule books
Mickey big schedule book (70 WP)
Winnie the pooh Clothed schedule book (70 WP)
Minnie medium schedule book (55 WP)
*Other characters are also available but are limited in stock. Do request for others as we have a couple of reservations made!

2) Popular vouchers
Denomination of $5 (15 WP)
Denomination of $10 (30 WP)

3) Movie tickets
A pair of Weekday tickets (30 WP)
A pair of Weekend tickets (50 WP)

4) iMAC (2.4 Ghz) desktop NEW!!! (4800 WP)

5) Quickutz Squeeze die-cutting tool with alphabets NEW!!! (120 WP)

6) Made with love vouchers
Denomination of $20 (50 WP)
Denomination of $50 (120 WP)

7) Harvey Norman / Isetan / Metro / Courts vouchers NEW!!!
Denomination of $100 (250 WP)
*With regards to Sean’s request, I will advise you to redeem for any of the above vouchers to purchase your PSP or Wii, with your Mum’s supervision of course! 🙂

8) Copic Markers 12 basic color set NEW!!! (130 WP)

9) Gilbert Netball NEW!!! (50 WP)

For your reference, I’ve updated your available warrior points as shown below.
NOTE: The redemption window period is opened from today till 5th February.
Please post what you wish to redeem (within your range) under the comments section for this post.
For limited items such as the schedule books, they will be given to the first person who comments the redemption request.

Available Warrior Points as of 21st January:
Shuanghui (304)
Cylene (179)
Yu Qing (137)
Yuen Zheng (97)
Vera (90)
Yuen Zhi (81)
Jillian (66)
Ebell (41)
Sean (13)
Shuangyu (12)
Ji Ji (6)
Jerome (-1)

Pardon me for such a loooooonnnnng post!!
One last important thing before I go,
remember to look out for this space in the next few days as I have not one, but TWO exciting announcements to make!
In the meantime, enjoy pondering over what to redeem! 🙂

What’s on your wish list?

January 10, 2009

Hi Warriors,

Due to the overwhelming response from all of you regarding the Warrior Point Redemption, I’ve decided to make some changes to the redemption list. That said, the redemption list at the old blog is no longer valid.
I will update the list every month or two, if my hectic schedule permits.
There will be a window period to redeem for items, the window period, along with some other house rules, will be confirmed very soon.
What I need you to aid me now is to leave a comment or comments on the items you wish to see on the redemption list.
There are no limits so please list as many items as you wish!

P.S. The extended deadline to state your preferences is extended to 17th January! Do drop a comment! 🙂